If you ever wanted to take a trip down a memory lane of retail, this guy could definitely be the headlining DJ on your throwback excursion.

Mark Davis worked behind the Service Desk at a Naperville, IL Kmart from the late '80s to the early '90s. Every month, corporate would send down a new cassette tape that featured updated music and advertisements to play over the store PA system.

This is your typical elevator-style music, with commercial announcements that would pop in every few tracks. Around 1991, mainstream hits replaced the instrumental music and tapes began arriving weekly instead of monthly.

The cassette tapes were meant to be thrown away, but Davis managed to sneak them into his apron pocket instead of disposing of them in the trash can. He continued to do this until Kmart swapped over to a satellite feed in 1993—and by the time he left his job at the retail chain, he had amassed a collection of 56 cassette tapes in total.

20 years later, Davis has digitized his entire collection and you can hear his archived recordings online along with more to his interesting, yet slightly bizarre background story.

A great resource when you want to be taken back to those days, shopping with mom.

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