I was chatting with my sisters recently, and we were reminiscing about all of the different places where we went shopping with our parents that just aren't there anymore. Many chains are now defunct, or they were bought out by other bigger chains.

Having spent my whole life in Lafayette there have been a plethora of changes to the shopping landscape throughout the decades I have lived here. No doubt, if you have lived here your whole life you too will have fond memories of the many places that used to dot our landscape in Lafayette.
I specifically, in this article, focused on the many places where my parents shopped. It seems to me I have happy memories of those excursions.
I composed a similar article before, so after you reminisce by looking at these pictures then click here to see some other places that live in Lafayette legend. I love looking at all of the photos especially if they are ads. What an amazing difference in price things are today versus forty years ago.

Lafayette Stores Your Parents Shopped At That Are Gone Now

I have been feeling very nostalgic lately, and when I get that feeling I often will browse the photos in the different collections on the Lafayette Memories Facebook page.

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