The current generation of kids are probably the first or maybe second that will grow up never having gone to a Kmart store.  Most young people today only know Kmart from its very funny 'ship my pants' commercial from a few years back.

Lafayette has had two Kmart stores in the past. The first was on James Comeaux Road and was closed around 2002. The second Kmart in Lafayette was the big Super K on Ambassador at Ridge Road. It was a big deal with this store opened in the mid to late 90s. It offered some serious competition for WalMart and Target before eventually closing. The store and its huge parking lot was abandoned for many years and was mainly used by people to get from Ridge to Target Loop and the stores in the Toys R Us shopping center.

KATC reports that the store in New Iberia is one of 64 being closed around the country by Sears Holdings., which owns the Kmart chain. The New Iberia Big K closes on Sunday. You might find a lot of great Christmas shopping deals if you haven't already finished.

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