Our friends in Breaux Bridge saw the Krystal Burger fast food restaurant on Rees Street close nearly as quick as it opened. After less than a year in operation, it appears the Crawfish Capital didn't take too well to another burger joint.

And now the rumor mill is swirling as to its replacement. The big rumblings initially were that a Raising Cane's would be opening in its place.

Not so fast my friend.

The folks at Developing Lafayette spoke to a Raising Cane's Managing Member and they confirmed that currently there are no plans to bring a Raising Cane's to Breaux Bridge.

It appears that it may not just be the good people of St. Martin Parish that didn't do flips over these small square burgers. Reports are that all Louisiana Krystals have closed or would be closing soon. Evidentally, Louisiana is "not a Krystal market".

Something tells me that this prime location will get reopened soon as another fast food establishment.