Talkin' trash, we're kind of used to it when you're discussing sports but not so much when our elected leaders get together. However, there are exceptions especially since trash collection is a pretty big deal with almost everybody.

Last night (Tuesday) the Lafayette City-Parish Council met to talk about trash collection or more notably lack of trash collection as reported by many residents.

The Council addressed over 13,000 complaints that had been lodged over the past three years against contract trash collection provider Republic Services at last night's meeting. Most of the complaints lodged against Republic Services involved trash cans getting knocked over and not picked up, missed pickups, trucks leaking fluid and a lack of customer service.

A prepared statement was emailed by Republic Services regarding those complaints.

We strive to be a reliable operator for our customers, and we have recently not lived up to the standard set by the City or our team. We have discussed with the City areas where we can improve, and we are already taking action to provide a higher level of service. We will continue working closely with the City as we implement our improvement plans and remain committed to being a good neighbor and reliable partner to this community.

The contents of that statement were reported by KATC television.

A spokesman for Republic Services acknowledged to the council that the company had not lived up to the standards set forth by the city. However, following the hearing the council decided to not reexamine the contract between Republic Services and the council. Therefore, Republic Services will continue to hold the contract for trash collection services with the Lafayette Consolidated Government. 


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