It's a story that we've been following for a couple of years, Camden Barnard's battle with cancer.

Cam is from Lafayette and is currently battling his second round of leukemia. His story has grabbed the attention of our community and beyond.

Pat Barnard, Cam's father, recently told his story while on ESPN during the Little League World Series and teams/fans from all over the country are now cheering for one of the strongest little boys you'll ever meet.

Facebook via Pat Barnard

If you're hoping for some good news, Camden recently received a transplant and now everyone cheering for him is waiting to see if it takes.

His story of overcoming such huge obstacles has been an inspiration for so many. At such a young age, Cam has no idea the impact he's had on so many.

Facebook via Pat Barnard

I think many who are battling any serious medical issue should look towards Camden Barnard. He is such an inspiration and we are all praying for Cam to get back on the baseball diamond.

Here's Cam's dad talking about his son's journey while on ESPN.


Since then, this is the latest on Camden's transplant procedure.


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