A heart-wrenching story about an old Cajun family that has been ripped apart by modern times is the basic synopsis for the film Lost Bayou. That movie that was shot in and around the Lafayette area is set to debut on Thursday at one of the most influential film festivals in the world. the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.

Carole Anne Gayle who is known in the Lake Charles area for her work as the Exhibit and Program Specialist at Historic City Hall in downtown Lake Charles has a part in the film. She plays the part of "Maw"

According to Gayle, her character is the matriarch of the family that the film is centered around.

She’s a big part of the story. Most of my scenes are filmed in dream sequences. They were filmed in dream sequences from the point of view of Gal, the daughter, and Pop, the dad, the husband.

Gayle's comments about the film were chronicled in a story from KPLC TV in Lake Charles. 

Shayna Weingast had these comments to say about Lost Bayou on the Tribeca Film Festival website. 

What follows is a literal and spiritual journey across the Atchafalaya Basin where both Gal and her father are forced to reckon with the grief they’ve been trying so desperately to suppress.

Featuring an immersive soundscape that evokes a world rich with lore and mysticism, Lost Bayou is a hauntingly evocative slice of Louisiana life that traces the fraught journey out of pain and into healing.

The film is set to debut as part of the Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday with a showing at The Village East Cinema. The film will replay at several other venues in the New York area during the run of the festival.

Lost Bayou is one of two Louisiana films that will be featured at the festival. The other is a film entitled Burning Cane.

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