We have certainly seen how the success of shopping online has affected retail and department stores over the past few years. Could it be the same effects are being felt now in the grocery sector of the retail industry?

According to a sign placed on the door of the Shoppers Value Store located at the corner of North University and Cameron Streets that store will be ceasing operation at that location on February 23rd. Now it was unclear whether online shopping had anything to do with the decision to close the location. In fact, no particular reason was offered store management as to why the location was being shuttered.

The parent company of Shoppers Value did file for bankruptcy protection last December. At that time the company cited debt related to the purchase of six former Winn-Dixie locations in 2018. Five of those stores have already been shuttered. The North University location of Shoppers Value in Lafayette was most recently a Piggly Wiggly store.

As of now, it is unclear whether employees of the North University location of Shoppers Value will be offered positions at the company's other Lafayette locations. There are Shoppers Value Stores located on Ambassador Caffery Parkway at Dulles and there is a location at 3826 Moss Street.


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