A Lafayette man is behind bars after he allegedly attempted to kidnap a kid from a business in Scott this morning.

Michael Steven Placek, 36 of Lafayette was caught on camera talking to a 4-year-old kid in a store when the kid's grandmother had her back to them.

Placek was then seen on camera picking the kid up and walking out of the store with the child.

When the child's grandmother realized what happened, she found Placek with the child in the parking lot. He reportedly handed the child back to her, then left the parking lot of the business.

According to Scott Police, "Placek’s vehicle was located with the assistance of Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Real Time Crime Center and Duson Police Department. Scott Police Department was able to detain Placek and bring him back to Scott Police Department for questioning."

Placek is now in the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center and faces Attempted Aggravated Kidnapping of a Child.

We would like to remind you to always keep your kids close by and never let anyone or anything distract you from their whereabouts while in public.

Like in this case, it does not take long for a child to go missing or be abducted by someone.

See the full report via the Scott Police Department Facebook page here.

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