He wants the Councils to reconsider the taxing districts.

Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory announces he will introduce an ordinance proposing the repeal of the Economic Development Districts at the March 3rd meeting of the Joint Council. These taxing districts were approved by the prior Lafayette City-Parish Council before Guillory took office.

“Out of respect, I wanted to announce my intention to ask the Councils to reconsider these districts before their initial meetings tonight,” said Guillory. “I understand that there are differences of opinion on this issue, but I believe the matter is too important to just let it go unquestioned and unexamined. Implementing new taxes without a vote of the people, particularly in established shopping areas such as Downtown Lafayette, represents a fundamental breach of taxpayers’ trust, and we honestly don’t know what the ultimate impact on commerce will be. Regardless of the outcome, I believe our community would benefit from a renewed public discussion of this issue. I hope we can engage in this dialogue in an atmosphere of mutual respect and shared purpose,” Guillory concluded.

A final vote on Guillory's proposal is expected to be scheduled for March 17.

Guillory sits down with Carol Ross of The Ross Report to discuss.