The Lafayette Police Dept. sadly said their goodbyes this week to K9 officer Ripo after it was discovered he was suffering from lymphoma.

In a Facebook post yesterday, the Lafayette Police Dept. says that "Ripo started showing signs of distress earlier this week and was rushed to the vet".

After some tests were run it was discovered Ripo had lymphoma and was declining quickly. As a result, the tough decision was made to end his suffering.

Ripo was a very friendly dog and was known for his strange 'smile.' He was the biggest K9 in LPDs K9 unit, but also the most docile. He loved to be pet by all the police officers he came in contact with but had an instinct to know when it was time to work.

His experience, dedication, and loyalty to his partner and to the Lafayette Police Department will truly be missed.


Thank you for helping to keep Acadiana safe Ripo.

Facebook Via Lafayette Police Dept.
Facebook Via Lafayette Police Dept.


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