An incident Saturday afternoon in Lafayette has landed a suspect in jail and a Lafayette Police Officer on administrative leave. In that incident, Lafayette officers were called to a scene at 100 Macon Road on Saturday afternoon to investigate a report of shots being fired.

Upon arrival, officers engaged a person of interest and that individual raised a weapon in the direction of a Lafayette officer. That officer responded by discharging his weapon in the direction of the suspect. Neither the suspect nor the officer was injured during this exchange.

Following that altercation, Melvin Lainez was taken into custody. Lainez is being held on charges of aggravated assault upon a peace officer, illegal discharge of a dangerous weapon and illegal carrying of a weapon.

The officer involved in the shooting remains on administrative leave. This is standard protocol when an officer is involved in an incident where a service weapon is discharged. The officer will remain on leave pending the outcome of the State Police investigation into the incident.

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