Lafayette Police are investigating an act of vandalism at a local business. Depending on the outcome of their investigation that criminal damage to property complaint could become classified as a hate crime.

The incident in question was brought to the attention of Lafayette Pollice on Monday by the owner of Lux Hookah Lounge. The business, located in the 3300 block of Johnston Street in Lafayette, was vandalized sometime during the nighttime hours of Sunday night into Monday morning. Vandals used paint to spray a racially insensitive slur across the front window of the facility.

If you're not familiar with what Lux Hookah Lounge offers,

Lux Hookah Lounge is a social lounge dedicated to hookah smoking. We invite you to sit down with friends and relax with one of our premium blends. We operate much like any lounge.

This is the description of the business from its social media page on Facebook.

The lounge has operated in Lafayette for about two years. The owner of the business told reporters that he has never experienced anything quite like this. His comments indicated that the relationship between his business and the community was very strong and very positive.

Police say the vandals took time to cover security cameras focused on the front of the business with spray paint. They need your help to identify the individual or individuals who many have done the damage. If you do have information please contact the Lafayette Police Department.

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