I can't imagine the total feeling of helplessness and violation that one might feel when they approach their car to head to work and realize that their car is missing its rims and tires. Sure, it's no fun to see a window smashed in either but to leave your vehicle high and dry balancing on bricks? That's no way to start the day.

However, that's the way days have started for several Lafayette area residents over the past few weeks. Lafayette Police say they have been called to the scene of several incidents mainly at area apartment complexes in recent days where victims have reported that their expensive rims and tires have been stolen.

According to LPD, it's not just a Lafayette problem. Reports of stolen tires and rims are up from all across the country. Police believe that the bad guys are not targeting specific wheels or tires. They do believe, however, that the persons responsible for the thefts are scoping out potential victims ahead of time.

The most commonly pilfered items include the high-dollar rims and the high-dollar tires. Patrol officers have been coordinating with LPD detectives to increase vigilance in certain areas of the city where the majority of the crimes have been committed.

Lafayette Police ask that if you encounter persons in the act of stealing tires or rims do not approach them. They could be armed and dangerous. Instead, they'd like for you to dial 911. If you have information about previous crimes and would like to share that information and remain anonymous you may do that by contacting Crime Stoppers with your information.


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