How bad was Hurricane Delta for you? That's what Lafayette Consolidated Government is trying to ascertain through a damage assessment form that's all Lafayette Parish residents are being encouraged to fill out.

The form will allow you to document the damages from the storm. No matter whether it's your individual residence or business that was affected this information could be vital to the recovery efforts of the city and parish.

You can access the form online right here. Or, you can call (337) 291-5075 to have your information taken over the phone. The form asks a lot of basic questions concerning your particular location in the city or in the parish. The form will also need information on the damage that was inflicted upon your home or business.

The form also seeks to find out information on what kind of repairs or cleanup might be necessary at your location too. All in all, it's pretty comprehensive and the information that you share will help our city and parish respond to the most pressing needs in a  prioritized fashion.

The form only takes a few minutes to complete. In addition to helping direct the local response to damage in the area, these forms will also be used to help demonstrate the kind of federal aid that Lafayette, the city and parish, will need to recover from the storm.

Take a few minutes and fill it out. It could only make things better if you do.


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