The Lafayette Parish Sheriff Office is warning local residents about  a phone scam that has apparently been ongoing since October.

Sheriff's Spokesperson Capt. John Babin said the sheriff's office has received numerous calls from concerned citizens about a phone scam.

Here's how it works:

  1. Citizens receive a call from someone identifying themselves as a supervisor at the Lafayette Sheriff's Department.
  2. The scammer(s) tell the caller that they have missed a court date, or some other issue, and must pay a fine to resolve  the matter.
  3. The victim is then instructed on how and where to send the money.

Babin said several people have fallen prey to the scammers and sent the money to the criminals.

Babin instructs citizens to call authorities if they receive this type of call.

If you received a phone call from anyone who identifies themselves as a deputy or supervisor with the Lafayette Sheriff’s Office and ask you to send money to them to resolve a pending legal matter, hang up the phone and contact the Lafayette Sheriff’s Office at 337-232-9211.

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