I've lived in Acadiana my whole life and through work have had the great pleasure of visiting many of the communities that make up this unique area we call home.

And if you've lived here for more than five minutes, you know that we have some super unique names. When French meets English and mix it in with Cajun country, the result is something special.

A lot of those unique names can be a little tough to pronounce, even for life-long residents. I've come across my fair share of difficult names to say. Sometimes I just give it the good college try and other times I ask around the building to see how other folks think it should be said.

Then there are street names, which in many cases down here, are named after someone prominent in the community.

And guess what -- I don't know how to pronounce those either! At least, I often second-guess myself when I'm doing the traffic report. And it seems that neither do the rest of you, because I hear multiple pronunciations of the same street all the time.

So that led me to fire up a new series where I try to find out the correct way to pronounce street names in Lafayette. There are quite a few that I hear people pronounce differently.

Today, we dive into one that I know you have wondered about, Verot School Road.

My research wasn't very scientific or historical in nature. I just went around the office and asked my co-workers, "Hey, how do you pronounce Verot School Road?" The results are in the video below.

The French-speaker in me would go with a silent "t", as in "Vay-row", by the way. And if you know definitively the exact way Verot is pronounced, would you share that with us?


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