For City Parish President Joey Durel enough was finally enough. Durel announced at last night's city parish council meeting that Lafayette Consolidated Government will be severing ties with the city of Broussard. This means that as soon as legally possible LCG will no longer provide services such as fire dispatch, animal control and water.

Water has been a particularly sore subject between Lafayette Consolidated Government and the City of Broussard. Lawsuits over usage, payments and perhaps unauthorized connections to water services. In the statement made by Durel at last night's meeting he put the blame squarely on city officials in Broussard whom Durel said were "attempting to frustrate Lafayette's growth and development in ways that are inconsistent with a mutually beneficial relationship."

The first effects of this announcement will most likely be felt when new customers attempt to connect to Lafayette Utilities Systems water supply.  Durel told those in attendance the announcement was no reflection on the citizens of Broussard, but rather a direct response to Mayor Charles Langlinais and his administration of whom Durel said, "if the administration of that city chooses to declare itself an antagonist of the City of Lafayette, it is my intention to give that administration the independence it claims to want. The people of Broussard deserve better."

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