Lafayette Utilities System has announced, via a press release, that they will be seeking renewable solar power, and thus will be seeking purchasing agreements with large-scale developers.

According to the release, the decision comes from recommendations as part of the Integrated Resource Plan that has been developed. There were several public meetings, and one of the recommendations of the report was to seek solar energy.

LUS Engineering and Power Supply Manager Jeffrey Stewart says,

The collaboration between LUS and our customers for the IRP presented us with some exciting options. We are looking forward to following through on the recommendation to pursue renewable resources.

He added that this is another way for LUS to continue to be an industry leader in providing cost-efficient energy to customers.

Stewart says they will be working to secure agreements with customers that might range from ten to twenty years to purchase their power.

If you are interested in presenting a Request for Proposals, you should go the Energy Authority's website by clicking here. This is the site that will have the template for the RFP plus a list of rules, etc. Questions can be send to

Stewart adds that the Integrated Resource Plan looked at multiple ideas about securing renewable energy, and they concluded that solar would be the most cost efficient.

Public meetings for discussion about the Integrated Resource Plan were held in September of 2019, November of 2019, and the final meeting was held in June of this year. RFP's are being accepted starting now.




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