I'm not sure whether March has come in so much as a lion or lamb but more like a soaking wet dog. Today's forecast does indicate an end to the precipitation, in fact the next few days carry significant chances of rain as well.

The catalyst  is an upper level trough that is basically stuck across the state. It bisects Louisiana  from north to  south and impulses are being energized by this instability and moving up from the Gulf of Mexico bringing copious amounts of rain. Currently the trough has moved to the east of Acadiana, therefore the rainfall has diminished. Later this afternoon as in impulse moves on shore from the Gulf, that trough is expected to move back to the west and that will kick up the rain chances.

The National Weather Service is speculating that an additional 2-4 inches of more rain could fall over portions of Acadiana. Many of the computer models that forecasters use have backed off that amount and most are in agreement that the heaviest of the rainfall won't occur until late in the day today and in the overnight hours. Rain chances remain high for Thursday.

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