Normally the thought of a Pacific Typhoon does not conjure up thoughts of people wearing jackets and wrapping up with scarves but such is the way of Mother Nature. The weather system formerly known as Typhoon Nuri is poised to bring frigid weather to much of the nation this week. Acadiana will begin to feel the affects of the colder temperatures on Wednesday.

Typhoon Nuri moved out of the tropical Pacific into the much colder waters of the Northern Pacific and Bering Sea. While it lost its tropical characteristics it still remains a powerful weather maker. The system will pull very cold air down across Canada and into the United States over the next  several days.

It looks as if Acadiana will see temperatures warming up nicely for today and Tuesday. In fact the high on Tuesday could be near 80 degrees. It is on Wednesday that we notice the big chill is moving in. The forecast for Wednesday as a high temperature of only 62. It's even colder for Thursday.

Unfortunately the colder cloudy weather will stay in the area through the weekend and there is a pretty good chance of a cold rain interrupting your weekend plans for next Saturday and Sunday.