It seems like it has been a month since there has been a day without rain in Acadiana. Actually there has been measurable precipitation in our neck of the woods every day for the past 8 consecutive days. That string of wet weather reports could finally be coming to an end. But it won't be until tomorrow, or maybe Monday.

The official forecast from the KATC Weatherlab will not take a chance of rain out of the forecast until Tuesday. But the rain chances for Sunday and Monday are minimal. There should not be any widespread areas of heavy rain on those days but we still have to get through tonight.

The chance of rain should remain significant through the early part of the evening, then rain chances will begin to diminish as the forecast models are suggesting a shift in the upper level winds that will turn off the faucet that has been drenching the area the past week.

Overall storm totals for this particular rain event have been in the 6 inch to 13 inches range for many locations across the region. With a few more showers tonight we could see those totals inch upward before things begin to dry up.

The outlook for later in the week and Lafayette's Festival International does include springtime temperatures and at least a small chance of a shower during each day of the festival run. The best chance of rain at Festival International might come on Friday when forecasters currently have the probability at 50%.

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