You know, when it comes to lettering on marquee signs, things can get tricky.

Poupart Bakery in Pinhook in Lafayette got a lot of attention today for their new message on the store's marquee. The sign displayed a deliciously lighthearted message saying "COOKIES CAKES AND PASTRIES OH MY".

Only, that's not what was spelled out. It's close, but there's just one little letter missing...

That's right, the all important "R" was missing as you'll see in the photo below posted to Facebook by Cali Comeaux.

And just like that, "PASTRIES" became "PASTIES".

Was it a misspelling? Did the person who climbed the sign get all the way up there only to realize they forgot to bring the R so they intentionally made the best of it? Or, is Poupart pulling a funny PR stunt?

Cali Comeaux Via Facebook
Cali Comeaux Via Facebook

As much I wish Poupart meant what I think they meant, it seems there may be a more rational explanation.

Apparently Pasties are not only what a dancer keeps in her work locker, but pasties are apparently also a meat pie, quite popular in the Michigan area.

According to "Michigan pasties are a whole meal folded into a pastry shell. Most commonly they are filled with beef and root vegetables then baked until tender."

Sounds pretty great right?

Either way, thank you Poupart for making my day as well as many others.

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