Residents of Lake Arthur can expect to pay more for water in the coming months. By more, we mean a lot more. Water rates for residents of the city are set to double following a unanimous vote by the town's council last week.

Before you cry foul and political conspiracy consider this, there has not been an increase in water rates in Lake Arthur in the past 31 years. So, even the most cynical among us can probably understand the council's justification for approving such a large increase.

City officials say the 2018 budget for the town's water department showed a deficit of $143,000. It's hoped the increase in rates will bring that operating budget back into line.

Currently, residential customers of the Lake Arthur Water System pay about $8 per month for water. That amount will increase to $18 per month with April's bill. Commercial customers such as laundromats, car washes, schools, churches, and service stations will be paying $55 per month in town and $75 per month if the business is located out of town.


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