The Las Vegas UFO crash, 911 call, and police body cam video have captured global attention due to their perceived authenticity. Now, Ring camera video from the area of the reported UFO crash seems to only strengthen these claims. Grab your tinfoil hat, and let's dive in...

Las Vegas UFO 911 Call
Screen Cap Via 8 News Now Las Vegas


Las Vegas UFO Crash

Last week we brought you the incredible story of a Las Vegas family calling 911 after they claim a UFO crashed in their backyard. The man who made the 911 call told the dispatcher there were two, 8 to 10-foot-tall beings in his backyard that were "100% not human".

The Las Vegas family's 911 call lined up with a Las Vegas police officer's body cam video showing a streak of light in the sky, seemingly crashing down to Earth in the area of the 911 call.

Now, Ring camera doorbell video and sound from the area of the 911 call seem to line up with the body cam video and the Las Vegas family's claim that a UFO crashed in their backyard.

Las Vegas UFO 6/7/23
Screen Cap Via 8 News Now Las Vegas

Las Vegas UFO Crash Caught On Ring Doorbell Camera

In a recent video from 8 New Now in Las Vegas, you can see the sky light up and actually hear what may, or may not be the object many reported seeing fall to Earth crashing.

The doorbell video is from a resident who lives in the same area as the Las Vegas family who placed the 911 call about the UFO crash and aliens in their backyard.

This now makes multiple sources that all seem to line up in concert with one another. The Police body cam footage, the family's reports of "100% not human" beings in their backyard, and now the doorbell video and sound of something seemingly crashing into Earth.

You can see the newest Ring doorbell video below at the 1:13-minute mark.

Read the original story HERE.

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