In the world of sports betting, there are bad beats, and there are bad beats.

Have you ever won a fantasy football game after Monday night football ends by the narrowest of margins, only to have a small stat change following a game's end by the game's official scorer, and lose a game you briefly won?

It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it sucks.

What happened to Rob Huntze, a 41-year-old insurance agent in St. Louis, is much worse.

In a story from ESPN's David Purdham, following the L.A. Rams Monday night win over the Chicago Bears, Huntze had won the $1 million first prize in a DraftKings contest.

His name was showing up as the $1 million prize winner a half-hour after the game ended.

Imagine winning $1 million, then having the rug yanked out from under you.

He texted with friends and called his parents to share the exciting news and took his dog Achilles for a quick walk.

When he returned, he wanted to refresh his computer screen again, "just to see myself on top," he said. "And, then, boom."

Negated Bears Sack Leads to $1 Million Loss For Daily Fantasy Player- ESPN

I'm sure it was a lot worse than "boom". I can't imagine that kind of pain.

The official scorekeeper of the game changed a Bears sack late in the 4th quarter to a tackle for loss after it was determined Rams quarterback Jared Goff was brought down behind the line of scrimmage on a designed run, rather than a pass play.

As a result, Huntze went from 1st to an 18 way tie for 6th and only netted $3,078.94, according to Purdham's story.

For 30 minutes, Huntze was a millionaire. Then a decision (and the right one after watching the play) by the official scorekeeper took away $996,921.06 of winnings.

A bad beat occurs on the field. The worst beat ever occurred in a scorekeepers box, crushing the spirit of Huntze.

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