Lauren Daigle's biggest fan is also one of the littlest. Zoe Margaret Racca from Rayne will be two years old in December, and she is infatuated with Lauren Daigle. Every time her parents play her songs, little Zoe Margaret sings along and transforms into a superstar.

Photo credit: Maggie Racca
Photo credit: Maggie Racca

For Halloween, Zoe didn't hesitate when her Mom asked her what she wanted to dress as when they were costume shopping. Of course, Zoe said she wanted to dress as Lauren Daigle.

Her mom made a replica of one of Daigle's stage outfits for Zoe's costume. She had all the accessories to go with it from bracelets and a microphone. The best part of all is that Zoe performed to bring that costume to life.

She performed with all of her heart and soul. Needless to say, she stole the hearts of many, including Lauren Daigle herself. She caught wind of Zoe and saw her pictures from Halloween and posted it on her Instagram with a caption "Melting! Precious Halloween costume!"

Zoe might be a mega-fan but she's also super precious too.

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