Waking up in the  morning is very difficult for some of us. That is why you have Jude and I on the radio every morning to be your cheerleader for the brand new day. Our job is to gently poke and prod you into leaving the soft warmth of your bed for another day on the job or wrangling the kids.

You aren't the only one that wants to sleep in. This is Jaz. Jaz is a Great Dane and she seems to like her bed an awful lot. In fact she doesn't even want to get up and for for a walk. For a dog, not wanting to go for a walk is the equivalent of a man turning down a free beer or a lady saying no to a shopping trip. It just isn't natural.

Watch as Jaz's owner patiently prods the sleeping dog out of the bed and into the day. It's a scene you've no doubt repeated many times with your children during the school year.

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