I was in the TV 3 newsroom about to go on the air for the St Jude telethon in 2009 when I heard the news. Billy Mays had died. It was just a few weeks earlier that Billy, the world's greatest pitchman, had done an interview with us on the Bruce and the Kennel Club show. We were fans of his and he was a fan of ours.

Most people are put off by people who try to sell them things. Billy Mays was embraced by most Americans as a regular guy who really wanted to make your life easier. He got his start on the boardwalk of Atlantic City New Jersey. He was the demonstration guy. He demonstrated pots and pans, salsa makers, knives and countless other products. His passion was the pitch. He loved to make a product seem so absolutely necessary that you couldn't help but buy it. Billy was very good.

This tribute video was put together by Billy Mays III one of Billy's two children. In the clip you will meet the people that knew Billy the best. Their fond remembrance of the man indicates that he was the real deal. He was as likeable and loveable in real life as he was uttering his famous phrase, "But WAIT, there's more!"

We lost Billy this day four years ago. He has yet to be replaced and still four years after his passing is remembered fondly by those who only got to know him two minutes at a time.

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