The upcoming high school football season will again see two weekends of championship action. There will be a weekend of private school championship games and a weekend of public school championship games. However, the discussion to bring all schools back under the same playoff umbrella is still ongoing.

Executive Director of the LHSAA, Eddie Bonine, told the Louisiana Radio Network that while principals may have voted to not split playoffs in other sports, the split in football remains in place. He said that doesn't mean it will always be in place. His first step is to organize a committee to look into the issue to do some fact finding.

"Find out what the problem was that led up to it and address those particular issues, so we can eventually, if that's what everybody wants to do, have one weekend of state championships like we've had many, many years."

Last year Acadiana was represented on both championship weekends with Catholic High of New Iberia and Acadiana High School both playing for state titles.

There was a proposal brought before the principals from the Principal of Many High School Norman Booker. Booker's proposal was to make a similar split between public and private schools in other sports. That proposal was voted down by the voting members. Booker said he made the suggestion because he feels that private schools have an advantage in the student enrollment process. He also told the Louisiana Radio Network that while this measure was defeated he will continue to work on solutions that benefit all athletic programs in the state.

"Trying to get things right and whatever that maybe, we'll come back in a years time, and if it's worked out, then it works itself out, if not, then we'll go back to the drawing board,"

That trip to the drawing board will have to wait until next January when the principals of LHSAA schools will again meet to discuss these issues and others. So for the time being things will remain the same in the world of Louisiana High School athletics.


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