Normally if you're looking for passionate discussion on a hot social topic I wouldn't recommend you attend a Lafayette Public Library Board of Control meeting. However, last night's open meeting was full of passionate point making as those for and against Drag Queen Story Time vocalized their opinions to the board.

According to a story by Danielle Garcia of KATC TV 3, there were 32 individuals who addressed the board meeting last night. There were 20 speakers who voiced opposition to the program that was proposed by a fraternity at the University of Louisiana as part of their community outreach.

Vice President of the Lafayette Public Library Board of Control Nora Stelly summed up the board's position on the matter.

Programming never comes on the agenda for the board, we don’t do programming… We’re not going to micro-manage the programming and there are people in this library who have 30 plus years of experience in setting up programs and choosing age-appropriate programs and they’ve been pretty successful at it.

So the event, planned for October the 6th, will go on as planned.

However, those plans could be affected by what happens at tonight's City-Parish Council meeting. In that meeting, a resolution will be introduced opposing the event. Just exactly how much weight such a resolution will carry as far as the library's programming efforts are concerned is not really clear.

But you can bet, this isn't the last story you'll be reading or hearing about concerning Drag Queen Story Time before October the 6th.


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