When I was younger, before I had children or even a steady boyfriend, I told myself a lot of lies about being a momma. This was mainly because I didn’t realize how tough being a mom was. Growing up I wasn’t around a lot of young children, I didn’t babysit, I am an only child so I just wasn’t aware of how hard it was to raise children... Until I had my own children. 


#1: No electronic devices at the diner table

I always said I will never let my children play on my phone at the dinner table. Well, have you ever had a two-year-old? Because if you have then you understand why people do this. It is for the benefit of everyone around them, especially if you are at a restaurant. 

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# 2: My children will attend mass every Sunday

I always said I would take my children to church with me every Sunday and they would not act like “those children.” You know those children I am referring to. The ones who have food all over the pews and are trying to show their mom how the bulldozer works on their brother's head….the normal kids in the back of the church. I haven't taken either of my children to church with me, church is my time to get right with the Lord before I lose my sanity. 

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# 3: I will only send my children to private schools

Have you priced out private schools for multiple children? YIKES! I am starting to think they will be fine with what they learn on the internet because unless grandpa is paying for it then we may just have to settle with Cocomelon. 

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# 4: My children will always be well-behaved angels

This one is just hilarious. Even the best-behaved children have their moments and boy do my children have their moments. 

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 5: My children will be advanced and ready for school before they should be

 I am lucky my children know their colors. Seriously, you don’t realize just how many hours are in a day and before you realize it it is bedtime and you forgot to go over the alphabet. Kids are resilient and pick up a lot of things along the way. Don’t stress about not counting to a hundred with them each and every day. They will do just fine in school!

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# 6: My children won’t have sugar, candy, or junk food 

Have you been pregnant while having to take care of a child or multiple children? If so then you will understand how you can feed your child a pop tart and ice cream for breakfast because you are so tired and nauseous you can barely stand up. Again they are resilient and will turn out just fine. 

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# 7: My children will sleep in their own beds at night

I know what the blogs say and I don’t care. My kids can sleep with me for as long as they like because one day they will be grown and gone. Until then, I will cherish every kick to the face and every midnight crying fest that we have together because let's face it my child is not the only one crying in the middle of the night.

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# 8: My children will eat what I fix and I wouldn't have to make them substitutions

My oldest started out doing really well with food. He would eat pretty much anything I gave him... I mean he was eating Grape Leaves at one point. However, it didn't last! I am constantly having to think of multiple meal options for the people in my family. I don't mind it but I do hope that my children branch away from Chicken Nuggets and Pizza at some point in their lives.

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# 9: My children would go to bed at 7 pm and do this on time every night

Now my children have a pretty good routine in place so when 8 pm rolls around most of the time they are ready for bed. However, the older they get the more they can procrastinate! Now that it is the summer I have been more lenient with bedtimes but I try really hard to stick to a bedtime.

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# 10: It won’t be so hard to keep the house clean when I stay home with the baby. 

I think it is a misconception that moms who stay home with the kiddos have all the time in the world to get everything done. This is just not true. Yes, the baby sleeps but momma needs sleep too! Clothes need to be washed, dishes need to be done, the food needs to be cooked... a lot of things need to be done during the day and time goes by fast. Sometimes things fall through the cracks and this is okay! Your house doesn't need to be spotless, the meals don't need to be creative and fun every night, and sometimes the laundry needs to sit in the basket for an extra day.


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