Hurricanes get the headlines, tornadoes make the news but lightning is the most dangerous tool in mother natures ways to remind you she is in charge. What makes lighting so dangerous is the fact that it can truly strike without warning.

Often it's up to you to notice the sky getting dark and the breeze beginning to pick up as a thunderstorm moves in. Even if you do keep an eye to the sky you could still be in some danger from a bolt out of the blue. About a month the 973 The Dawg studios were struck by lightning and we are still finding pieces of electronic equipment that suffered damage as a result of that huge release of electricity.

What can you do to put yourself in a safe place when lightning threatens? Moving inside is always a great idea. It's probably a good idea to have surge protectors on your expensive electronic equipment too. You never know where lightning will strike but you can do a lot of things to make sure that when it does, it won't be as close as it was to these guys! [***Comments at end of video are NSFW***]