I don't think there are any football fans in the state of Louisiana that wouldn't want to be in the stands when LSU plays its next couple of football games. If things go the Tigers way, they could be college football's national champion with a win in the Peach Bowl and then another victory on January 13th.

Members of Louisiana's Legislature are football fans too. However, they have some advantages that "common folks" like you and I don't have. They get to purchase tickets through LSU. This means they have a better selection of seats and they don't have to worry about tickets not being available or paying higher prices on the secondary resale market.

It's good to be a legislator. From what we understand through published reports, 95 of the state's 105 Representatives and 38 of 39 Senators signed up for at least one postseason ticket opportunity through LSU.

The folks at NOLA.com and the Advocate.com  published a list of names of legislators who took advantage of this perk of the job. The individuals on this list did nothing wrong. Well, nothing wrong at least in the eyes of the law or the rules as they are written. The court of public opinion might render a different verdict though.

Here are the names, in no particular order.  Those who purchased tickets through the National Championship Host Committee include:

Sen. Jack Donahue

Sen. Ronnie Johns

Sen. John Smith

Sen. Patrick "Page" Cortez

Sen. Gary Smith

Sen. Danny Martiny

Sen. Dale Erdey

Sen. Bodi White

Sen. Conrad Appel

Sen. Eric Lafleur

Sen. Jay Luneau

Sen. Ed Price

Sen. Ryan Gatti

Sen. Eddie Lambert

Sen. Sharon Hewitt

Sen. Dan Claitor

Sen. Barrow Peacock

Sen. Rick Ward, III

Sen. Michael Walsworth

Sen. Norby Chabert

Rep. Mark Abraham

Rep. Neil Abramson

Rep. Roy Daryl Adams

Rep. Larry Bagley

Rep. Thomas Carmody

Rep. Steve Carter

Rep. Patrick Connick

Rep. Jean-Paul Coussan

Rep. Cameron Henry

Rep. Stephanie Hilferty

Rep. Katrina Jackson

Rep. Ted James

Rep. Patrick Jefferson

Rep. Mike Johnson

Rep. Walt Leger

Rep. Tanner Magee

Rep. Jack McFarland

Rep. Wayne McMahen

Rep. Dustin Miller

Rep. Kevin Pearson

Rep. Alan Seabaugh

Rep. Polly Thomas

Rep. Chris Turner

Rep. Chris Leopold

According to the same report on NOLA.com these legislators purchased tickets to the SEC Championship Game through LSU:

Rep. Alan T. Seabaugh

Rep. Barbara Carpenter

Rep. Barry Ivey

Rep. Cameron Henry

Rep. Christopher J. Leopold

Rep. Christopher Turner

Rep. Denise Marcelle

Rep. Dorothy Sue Hill

Rep. Gregory A. Miller

Rep. Jerome "Dee" Richard

Rep. John A. Berthelot

Rep. John E. Guinn

Rep. Joseph A. Marino, III

Rep. Katrina R. Jackson

Rep. Kevin Pearson

Rep. Malinda White

Rep. Neil Abramson

 Rep. Nicholas Muscarello, Jr.

Rep. Pat Moore

Rep. Patricia Haynes Smith

Rep. Patrick O. Jefferson

Rep. Polly Thomas

Rep. Roy Daryl Adams

Rep. Ryan Bourriaque

Rep. Sam Jenkins

Rep. Sam Jones

Rep. Steve Carter

Rep. Stuart Moss

Rep. Terry Landry

Rep. Walter Leger, III

Rep. Wayne McMahen

Sen. Beth Mizell

Sen. Bob Hensgens

Sen. Bodi White

Sen. Dan Morrish

Sen. Gary L. Smith Jr.

Sen. Jack Donahue

Sen. James Fannin

Sen. Jay Luneau

Sen. Karen R. Carter Peterson

Sen. Kenneth Eric LaFleur

Sen. Norby Chabert

Sen. Patrick "Page" Cortez

Sen. Regina Barrow

Sen. Robert Allain

Sen. Ronnie Johns

Sen. Ryan Gatti

Sen. Sharon Hewitt

Sen. Yvonne Dorsey-Colomb

Sen. Wesley T. Bishop


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