The case of the murder of former New Orleans Saints player Will Smith has taken a bit of a different turn. In a report released yesterday it was revealed that Smith did in fact have a loaded weapon in his vehicle. This will certainly change the complexion of the case and how Cardell Hayes defense team will defend him from the charges he is facing.

The fact that a weapon was found will make a huge difference in this case according to legal analyst Chick Foret.  Before the discovery of the weapon was announced Foret and many other legal professionals felt that a self-defense strategy for Hayes would be very difficult to prove. The discovery of the weapon could change the case entirely.

We don’t know where the gun was. Was it accessible? Certainly it’s a whole different set of facts if it was in the glove compartment and it was locked. Was it under the seat? Was it on the seat?

Those were some of Foret's comments to the Louisiana Radio Network concerning the discovery of the weapon. Obviously the New Orleans Police Department is continuing to investigate the shooting which is believed to have started with a hit and run incident between Smith and Hayes.

Foret says there is still a lot of evidence investigators to evaluate and there is also testimony from witnesses to the crime.

We actually found out that there was a third gun. There was another gun in Mr. Hayes’ vehicle. So there are a lot of facts yet to be determined.

As you might imagine the NOPD is being quite conservative in releasing information to the public as they continue to process the crime scene. Foret says until all the evidence is out in the open there can only be speculation as what really happened the night Smith was gunned down.