This past Friday, Barczyk Chiropractic Group in Lafayette was robbed. Out of everything stolen, there is one item in particular the company desperately wants back, and is even offering a reward. Taken in the break-in was a Hurricane Katrina "Music Rising" Gibson Les Paul.

There were only 300 made of the limited edition "Music Rising" Gibson Les Paul guitars. The guitar stolen from the Barczyk Chiropractic Group is #6 out of 300.

The guitars were used as a fundraiser to help New Orleans musicians get back on their feet after Hurricane Katrina.

The "Music Rising" guitars hold considerable valuable and are rare to find, and that doesn't even to begin to describe how special the guitar is to the owner.

If you have any information about where this guitar is and how it can be returned to it's rightful owner, please contact Colleen Barczyk at 337-280-0886. No questions asked, they just really really need this guitar back.

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Following a visit to New Orleans in November 2005, U2's The Edge announced the unveiling of Music Rising, a campaign to raise funds to replace the lost instruments and accessories of the musicians affected by the hurricanes that devastated the Gulf Coast region.


No two of these guitars are the same and were all hand painted.

Barczyk Chiropractic Group
Barczyk Chiropractic Group

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