Perhaps if you were out on the lake or at the beach this past Fourth of July weekend  you might have thought, "that person looks way to young to be drinking a beer". You might have been right. The Summer months are prime time for minors and alcohol to get together illegally. That's why the State's office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control is working so hard to make sure that booze and smokes stay out of the hands of those not old enough  to legally purchase or posses those items.

Summer time is prime time for underage drinking with kids out of school and parents not being able to supervise them as closely. According to Troy Hebert that's why the ATC has implemented the Summer Crackdown program.

"Last summer we started this crack down and it was very successful so we decided to do it again this year. The first month we did about 2400 checks and wrote over 300 citations."

Hebert made his comments to the Louisiana Radio Network. He went on to say that those who are found guilty of selling booze to minors face some rather serious repercussions.

"I mean the fines start a $500 and go up to $25,000 and you could lose a permit to sell alcohol,so why do it?"

Violators are caught making unlawful sales during the crackdown when agents send a 17 year old operative into an establishment to purchase alcohol or tobacco products. When the operative is able to make the transaction that is when agents swoop in and make the arrest.

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