If you are a Louisiana driver and have coverage through State Farm you might notice a slight increase in the cost of your coverage over the next year. The company suggested in a report filed with the Louisiana Radio Network that the slight increase was based on factors in the marketplace.

Among those factors cited were the higher costs of new vehicles, replacement parts and the increasing cost of labor need to repair vehicles.

"The cost of vehicles continues to inch upwards slightly, the cost of repairs, labor and body shop repairs continue to increase a bit. So these periodic adjustments are necessary."

That is what company spokesman Gary Stephenson said when questioned about the need for the rate adjustment. In corporate terms the rate increase will average a little over 3% for each customer. In real dollars and cents that means the average Louisiana driver will be paying about $35 more per year. That amount will vary based upon the kind of coverage options an individual has selected and where in the state the driver lives. By the way auto insurance rates in Louisiana are among the highest in the nation already.

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