We tend to look at Labor Day as the last official day of Summer. It used to be the that last long holiday weekend before the kids went back to school, but that was in the stone age when I was a kid. Now Labor Day is more of a football kickoff weekend. That means Labor Day is the perfect day to reflect on many Americans true passion, grilled beef.

Hamburgers and steak are always nice, but when they are cooked outside on the grill by someone who knows what they are doing then you have a memorable meal. Unfortunately beef prices in Louisiana and around the country are higher than they were last year. The reason is simple economics, supply and demand.

Production of beef across the country is down 6% compared to last year. In other words, there is a shortage of cows. That shortfall in the production area means even more high prices are expected to be coming down the line over the next few months.

Ross Pruitt an economist with the LSU AgCenter tells the Louisiana Radio Network;

"The record prices we've seen, up to this point this year, at the wholesale level and even the farm gate level haven't been fully transferred down to consumers, just yet."

So that means that burger on  your bun or the steak on your plate will cost you even more as we head into the holidays. Pruitt suggests that consumers stock up on beef if they find a good price. He says that with proper storage and freezing you will be money ahead and still be enjoying delicious beef with proper planning.

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