Our state has some dubious distinctions on some very infamous lists. Sometimes the perception of Louisiana across the rest the country is not that good. We are among the fattest, most corrupt, and intoxicated places in the country.

We are also the happiest state with the happiest cities. That is why a new revelation by the New York Times comes a not big surprise to me.

The New York Times recently published data that suggested that Louisiana is home to more native born citizens than any other state in the union. The article in "The TImes" suggested that one in five Louisiana residents living in the state was born in the state.

Demographer Elliot Stonecipher explained the very simple reason why those who are born here, want to stay here.

"There are states immediately to our left and even Florida that don't have a state income tax.But people are still here because they want to be."

Stonecipher's comments were reported in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network.

What a concept, people loving where they live and choosing to stay. Some pundits who perused the data said maybe the real reason so many of the Louisiana's residents choose to stay is because they can't afford to move anywhere else.  That makes about as much sense as someone saying they want to live in New York because they enjoy the traffic.

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