Easter baskets without candy? Why that just can't happen. A long standing tradition in many Acadiana homes is a visit from the Easter Bunny that involves chocolate. One of the leading producers of Easter chocolate is from the Elmer's Candy Company which makes many of their goodies in Ponchatula.

The confectionery company was originally founded in New Orleans as a pastry business but soon found their niche in making chocolates for Louisiana and the world's sweet tooth. Among the companies biggest sellers are the Gold Brick Egg and the Heavenly Hash Egg.

Company President Rob Nelson told the Louisiana Radio Network that this season's Easter sales have been very good. In fact the sales of Elmer's Candy has been up about 10% over last year.

"It always starts right after Valentine's Day and this year is a late Easter, The weather has also been nice and it's got people out buying their Easter candy."

Nelson also commented that the length of time between Valentine's Day and Easter has meant more time for shoppers to visit their favorite store to buy Easter Candy.


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