I have to admit when I first saw the story about the sale of Christ The King Roman Catholic Church to Louisiana's Department of Transportation more than a few oddball thoughts crossed my mind.

The first would be one you might have thought, "Why does the state's road and highway department need a church"? Then it hit me, this could be a perfect fit. How many times have I offered up prayers to the Almighty to deliver me from the devilish delays of road construction? A church that deals strictly with sins of the motoring public. That could be wonderful.

Funny, the LaDoTD decision to buy the church had nothing to do with blessings for inconvenient motorists and more about making the roadways a little more convenient for motorists to use.  The church and its adjacent property on Greig Street in Lafayette were secured as part of the Interstate 49 Connector project.

The selling price of the church was reported to be $1,634,153.00 and the deal was reported to have been finalized last month. According to The Advocate, who first reported the story, the church has not finalized plans for a new location. Nor has the state issued a deadline for the church to vacate the property.


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