We the people took to the ballot boxes and the polling places well over a month ago to let our voices be heard on who will lead our country for the next four years. Voters in Louisiana resoundingly supported incumbent President Donald Trump in his bid for re-election. Today, the electors that were chosen in November will officially cast their ballots as members of the Electoral College.

Louisiana has eight electors and this morning at 11:30 those representatives will gather in Baton Rouge. A similar scenario will be played out at state capitols across the nation as electors from each state gather to forward the wishes of their constituency through the process.

President Trump handily defeated Joe Biden in Louisiana. The vote in November was not close at all in the Bayou State. President Trump garnered 58.5% of the votes, Mr. Biden only captured 40% of the vote. The remaining percentages were shared between multiple candidates that were also on the ballot.

However, while President Trump may have won Louisiana it does not appear as if he won the nation. Based on the latest speculation from media outlets after today's Electoral College votes have been case Joe Biden should be declared the President of the Country. It's estimated that Biden will have captured 306 electoral votes. It only takes 270 of those votes to win.

Barring any strange occurrences, hey it's still 2020, or rulings by the Supreme Court Joe Biden should officially earn the title of President-Elect later today.

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