Louisiana mystery lovers have been flocking to an escape room game for an adventure that so far very few have been able to solve. Not only is the escape room getting rave reviews for its challenging set up but it's getting a lot of press for the story that it presents about the building's "former inhabitants" and the trials and tribulations of being an affluent family in the Deep South.

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Now, if you've never been to an escape room let me set the scenario for you. Escape rooms are the ultimate group project. Basically, you and your group are locked inside a room. Inside that room are clues. Each of these clues must be solved in the proper order for the group to "escape" the room.

Most escape rooms have a "story" that goes along with the clues that are presented inside the room. Guests who are struggling to find their way can usually find helpful hints within the room or reach out to the host for some extra insight. All in all a good escape room experience will take you about an hour and the experience, if done with the right people, can be a whole lot of fun.

Escape Room Lafayette, Facebook
Escape Room Lafayette, Facebook

Many of Louisiana's larger communities have escape rooms but the one that escape room aficionados want to play and to try and solve is located on Camp Street in New Orleans. It's called Escape My Room. The principles involved in this business also have a location in California according to the website Stacker.com

The setup for the escape rooms center around the DeLaporte Family. Evidently, the DeLaporte family was involved in everything from hidden treasures and hidden crimes to possible encounters with beings, not of this world or should we say still of this world. I don't want to give away too many details but many guests find themselves so enthralled in the room's storyline they actually forget they are playing a game.

Demand for a time in Escape My Room is in such demand that they don't take walk-ins. In other words, you have to purchase your ticket online ahead of time. And from what we understand, if you're late you'll miss your time. And chances are you'll need every minute of your allotted time to escape because Escape My Room in New Orleans is reported to have a staggeringly low escape rate.

So, you have been challenged. Now, if you're looking for places to escape to and not from, you might want to consider making one of these choices.

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