The Johnson family from Rosepine, La had taken what they felt was a funny, offbeat idea for their Christmas card this year, but a lot people are missing the humor in it and calling the picture "Sexist".

The picture shows Lanie Johnson and her two daughters with neon green duct tape over their mouths. James Johnson is holding up a sign that reads "Peace on Earth" and his son is giving a thumbs-up. Females with mouths taped up, and Males celebrating the fact.

I completely get what the Johnson family was shooting for. My family did something very similar two years ago for our card, but I think we took a little more caution with ours.

All the negative feedback was real disheartening and we kind of took it like this is happening. They're talking about our kids like this.

You can interpret anything or pick it apart to make it sound like you want it to but in reality it never was meant for anything like that to blow up

In no way do I feel that this picture was in anyway meant to be anything other than a cute, offbeat way to say "Merry Christmas" to friends and family. Maybe some more thought could have been put into who's mouths were going to taped shut. What if the parent's mouths were the ones with tape?

Below is a (fuzzy) screen cap of my family's Christmas card from a couple of years ago. It shows my two younger kids all tied up by their mean older brother, with the words "Silent Night'. We spent a good bit of time deciding how to do this so that we didn't send the wrong message. Even though people said the loved the card, I'm sure there had to be a few who weren't on board with it.



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