As we reported to you yesterday a bill from Breaux Bridge Representative Mike Huval was to be discussed in committee. The bill's intent was to take cellphones out of the hands of Louisiana drivers while they were operating a motor vehicle. That legislation, which makes really good sense in terms of public safety, was firmly disconnected.

While the idea makes sense, the personal freedom of Louisiana drivers seems to make more sense. During discussion on the bill yesterday one legislator, Dalton Honore of Baton Rouge said in regards to Mr. Huval's proposal,

"I'm against your bill, because it's against the freedom of communication."

Another Representative, Terry Brown of Colfax suggested that the proposal would be too intrusive and would create the need for other distracted driving regulations.
"Is the insurance company going to prohibit the use of newspapers and make-up kits in automobiles. If we start with one thing, we need to eliminate it all,"
Both Brown and Honore's comments were reported in a story filed by the Louisiana Radio Network on their website. Upon realizing the stiff opposition to the proposal, Rep. Huval deferred the proposal with an action that will most likely kill the bill for this session of the legislature.

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