There is something to be said for wanting to get out and see the world. But on the flip side, it's also cool to love the place where you were born.

The latter is definitely the case for us here in Louisiana. And for a new study out by the website Wallet Hub, our state tops the list for percentage of people living here that were born here.

The study ranked the states by how likely people are to basically stay there forever.

Louisiana was tops on the list at 78.31%. Other states topping the 70% mark included Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Iowa and Alabama.

On the other end of the scale, only 26% of people living in Nevada were born there.

At first thought, some folks tend to say things like "you guys need to spread your wings and see what else is out there."

I like to think we've found the right place to be and have no reason to be apologetic about not wanting to move. I mean, today is Mardi Gras for us, everywhere else it's simply Tuesday!

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