Governor John Bel Edwards may be a smart man. He might be a brilliant politician. He is no  genius, in my opinion, when it comes to winning over the hearts and minds of Louisiana citizens. We can sit and listen to the talk of less state services. We will try to understand what the loss of state government jobs will mean. We can appreciate the belt tightening it will take to keep our health care system operational. However, if you threaten to mess with our college football we will fight you like a hungry tiger in a butcher shop.

I have to admit when I first heard the conversation about changes in our state because of the budget crisis I sat rather quietly. Then when Governor Edwards suggested no football for LSU because of the budget crisis I was reminded of the scene in the great comedy classic Airplane II The Sequel.

You know the scene, the stewardess says the crew has been decimated, the ship is off course, and all of these other major issues are happening. Meanwhile, the passengers remain calm. However when she mentions the plane has no more coffee all hell breaks loose.

It's almost like we were ok to lose hospitals, jobs, food stamps, and higher education but take away football and you're going to be in a fight.

I promise you hell will freeze over before LSU doesn’t go into Tiger Stadium this fall

Those are the words of Representative Steve Pylant of Winnsboro. I get the feeling he and I would get along just fine. Representative Pylant said in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network the Edwards' threat of no LSU football is an empty threat. He also says he is against any plan to raise the tax burden on you and I.

The more corn you pour in the trough, the more he’s gonna eat, and you try to beat one out of that trough after you start pouring that corn in there. Boy, you talk about a fight.

I believe in that quote Mr. Pylant was respectfully comparing Governor Edwards' revenue plans to feeding pigs. I hope the pigs weren't offended.

So about cancelling LSU football, could it happen? I supposed it could. It would take a lot of really bad things happening all at once. Remember LSU played football not too long after Katrina hit so Tiger football has weathered many a storm before.