I have to admit when I read the words 'Louisiana Lightning' I thought I was going to be reading about pitching great Ron Guidry but as lethal as Mr. G was on the mound, the real Louisiana lightning can strike even faster and be even more deadly. This is lightning safety week in Louisiana. It's a time for us to remind you that lightning safety is something that you and your kids need to be aware of.

Since our sub tropical climate lends itself to spawning afternoon and early evening showers and thunderstorms any day could be a bad day for lightning. Sometimes these popcorn thunderstorms build up so fast that if you don't already know how to protect yourself it might be too late.

In addition to personal safety almost every home now has a myriad of electronic devices, computers, tablets, phones, and big screen TV's that lightning can make very short work of if you're not protected.

"It's good to have a home surge protector.  Also device surge protection units that you can plug in right as you plug in the TV, the computer, or whatever it might be.  It's an additional surge protector."

Gary Stephenson a spokesperson for State Farm Insurance made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network. He also reminded us that last year 30-thousand house fires were caused by lightning. It's very important to make sure your home is properly grounded in the event of a lightning strike.

Louisiana ranks third in the United States for lightning strikes and insurance claims. With a chance of a thunderstorm popping up almost everyday between now and October it's a good idea to practice lightning safety for your family, your home and your possessions.