This is an unpopular opinion in South Louisiana but I secretly cheer for the deer during hunting season. No, it's not that I am some animal rights enthusiast, I just think that hunters have all the advantages with equipment, technology, and know-how.

The only weapon that deer possess is the ability to jump out in front of you on the Interstate and make you crash your car. Oh, wait, since a deer did that to my family once, I have changed my mind. I am now fulltime cheering for the hunters.

But not this guy.

Still, even with all of the great advancements in hunting techniques and technology, one Louisiana man found an even easier way to bag a trophy buck. He, allegedly, opted to shoot an animal that was being raised on a private farm.

Officials with Louisiana's Department of Wildlife and Fisheries say 21-year-old Davin Chaney of Merryville has been charged with theft of livestock in connection with a deer that was illegally harvested in Beauregard Parish.

LDAF has assessed the value of the animal to be near $15,000.00. Wildlife agents say the non-typical two-year-old 23 point buck weighed in close to 200 pounds. If convicted Chaney could be looking at a significant fine and possible jail time in association with the charges levied against him.



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